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Deep Peace Music: News

Harp therapy resources here - January 29, 2009

Are you a harp therapist/therapeutic harpist? The CDs and books of music at Deep Peace Music are perfect for all your clients' needs, and for your personal needs as well. The music is geared toward inducing relaxation, normal heart and breathing rates, normal blood pressure, enhanced oxygen absorption and a deep meditative state. Enjoy sampling the music by going to, Joanna's music -- downloads are free.

Peace to you!

Massage therapists alert! - January 29, 2009

The CDs of peaceful music at Deep Peace Music are perfect for inducing deep release and relaxation for both you and your clients! The music flows seamlessly. Please inquire about our discounts for multiple orders. Peace!

Deep Peace Music offers resources for musicians - January 29, 2009

Are you a musician who specializes in music for meditation or therapy? You will find CDs of peaceful music here that you can sample and enjoy. AND - there are also books of sheet music for piano, harp, and other instruments which will give you music to play.

If you are a worship musician, these pieces are perfect. Yoga practitioner? Perfect also. Samples are available for viewing and purchase at - Joanna's Music.

Deep Peace Music offers oasis - January 29, 2009

Deep Peace Music is a new website which offers an oasis of peace and calm in an increasingly stressed-filled world. The visitor can relax with the beautiful music on streaming audio. Take a break -- breathe in peace -- have a cup of your favorite coffee or tea. It works wonders! If you're at work, you can enjoy the peaceful, meditative music. We guarantee your day will go better.

So- welcome! Put your feet up - relax! De-stress - de-compress. AHHHH -- now that's better!

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