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Deep Peace Music: Bio

Joanna Mell

Joanna Mell is a classically trained harpist and singer. She performs on both the large orchestral (pedal) harp and the traditional (neo-Celtic) harp. Joanna discovered the powerful effects of music in 1989, when she brought her harp into the hospital to play for a friend undergoing cancer surgery. The music helped her friend relax and sleep, and helped heal Joanna's heart as well. Since then, she has been using her harp and voice to bring peace, comfort and healing to those who are experiencing distress in mind, body and spirit.

Joanna has been playing for hospital and hospice clients for 20 years, and has recorded her music on several CDs. This music is meditative, flowing and peaceful in nature. She has also published several books of her music.

Joanna also performs in concerts, at weddings, and in programs throughout the United States. She teaches at her studio and by Skype, in long-distance lessons. She is the founder and director of the Heart of God Harpers, a small group of students who are training for certification as therapeutic harpists. They minister in hospitals, nursing homes, hospice and private homes.